The novel live music experience with an immersive and history-filled program, blends the past, present and future of live music.

While you linger with your loved ones in the jazz club ambiance, we'll take you on a journey through time and let you relive legendary concerts and authentic live concerts on one stage.

Timeless Media 31

We show you multiple concert recordings from the Montreux Jazz Festival archive per evening. The audio quality immediately catapults you into the last century. Listen to Nina Simone's piano, sway to B.B. King's guitar or let yourself be seduced by Etta James' voice as if you were there live.

1 Live act
X Screenings
1 Stage
= 1 Show

Timeless Media 31 2

Between the screenings, a selected band takes the stage with intimate live interludes. In this way, the musicians skillfully bridge the gap to the present, while stories and anecdotes bring the live concerts and live recordings to one.

Sam Himself meets Johnny Cash! The Timeless experience from an artists point of view.

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