Let's be social. We stick to the rules and keep each other safe. It's a matter of respect.

Only persons who meet one of the following criteria may participate in the shows:

Persons who have been fully vaccinated (since at least last 2 weeks) with a vaccine authorized in Switzerland or by the European Medicines Agency

Persons who have contracted Covid-19 in the last 6 months
Persons who have tested negative to one of the following tests:

PCR test carried out at most 72 hours before the start of the concert

Rapid test carried out by professionals no later than 24 hours before the concert (free in test centers and pharmacies)

As soon as the Covid certificate is ready, it should be used to verify the above criteria.

Free rapid tests are available here:

Kantonale Testcenter

60 Pharmacies in Zürich

At our events you remain in your social bubble. Instead of a single ticket you buy group passes for you and your dearest. We offer cozy tables and lounges for 2 – 6 people to.

We have fully served and seated settings. No unsuitable walk to the bar and waiting in line. Rest in comfort as our dearest staff takes your order and brings you all you need.

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