Timeless launches the season with a multi-day live music festival in Zurich. With like-minded music aficionados we can finally celebrate our passion for authentic music. Unified and independant from any age group we free our longing for joy. While doing so, the sound quality, the cozy jazz club ambience and the intimate stories enjoy the highest priority.

A very special kind of experience! Each evening is the sum of a multiple-houred and finely tuned program. There will always be a live musician on stage interacting with 2 to 3 concert selections from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 0s. We have access to the Montreux Jazz Festival archive for this exact purpose. A host will accompany your musical journey with stories from the past. Small breaks will help you process the sensually filled events. Everything associated with an upscale hospitality will complete your experience with flair.

We take your safety very seriously. We run a safe festival that strictly adheres to the latest BAG guidelines.

At our events you will be sitting in your self-defined, safe social bubbles of 2-6 people. Guests are either fully tested, vaccinated or have contracted Covid-19 in the last 6 months.

The festival takes place on various consecutive days throughout the year.

At Plaza Club in Zurich.

Unfortunately, many have. That's why we started Timeless. We bring legends back from the dead and, at least for an evening, unite them on stage with today's talent.

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